• Face Recognition

    电子游戏厅appOffline-locate face information, quick return detection results, do not take bandwidth

  • Face Comparison

    电子游戏厅app1:1 face comparison, accuracy >99%

  • Face Anti-spoofing Detection

    Static face anti-spoofing detection,
    effective anti-presentation, 50+ types of paper presentation tested

Program flow

Our advantages

  • High precision

    Precision 99.5%, far beyond the human eye recognition

  • High accuracy

    Accurate identification under complex conditions such as different lighting, age, makeup and accessories.

  • Terminal + Cloud

    电子游戏厅appClient terminal vivo detection as primary defense, cloud terminal video analysis as second defense.


  • Homestay and short-rent

    Verify tenant identification and secure landlord’s benefits

  • Civil and government affairs

    Verify user identification with better practice and efficiency.

  • Online examination

    Verify examinee identification to prevent surrogate exam-takers

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