Chip series

12 years experiences of chip design, OSCCA, EAL4+ and UnionPay certified.


Module series

Excellent algorithm performance, 360° self-learning, sustainable updating for product optimization.


Software products

电子游戏厅appExcellent algorithm performance, 360° self-learning, sustainable updating for product optimization.


电子游戏厅appTerminal products

Fully independent development from software, hardware to product appearance.


Cloud services

Synochip face algorithm and the cloud service serve online/offline face recognition for different attendance applications, leading accuracy and millisecond-level speed.

  • 电子游戏厅appCore functions

  • 电子游戏厅appCore services

  • Applications

  • Cooperation


  • 电子游戏厅appSmart hardware

  • 电子游戏厅appSmart social security

  • Smart apartment

  • Smart hardwaresolution

    电子游戏厅appSynochip smart hardware solution optimizes Smart Home and brings you a brand new IoT experience with the fast recognition and secure data transmission.

  • Smart social securitysolution

    Synochip biometric authentication platform system solution uses multi-mode biometric authentications and applies to the construction of government and enterprise authentication system.

  • Smart apartmentsolution

    Synochip apartment solution provides fingerprint solutions for different kinds of centralized management of public rental housing construction projects, centralized input, unified management, flexible allocation of authorities.


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